Field season 2020 is on!

The field season 2020 has started this week! There are still few days before the arrival of Wood Warblers at my study area, but it already feels so good to be back in the woods!

The current season is 8th in a row for the Wood Warbler Project at the Wielkopolska National Park. I have a couple of experiments planned for this year, all focusing on learning of risk recognition & eavesdropping networks in birds, with the Wood Warbler as a main model species. Stay tuned and follow @WoodWarblersWNP for updates about the work progress!


The Wood Warbler. © Jakub Szymkowiak



New paper: fecundity and the intensity of mast seeding increase as trees get older

tl;dr: fecundity of major forest-forming tree species in temperate European forests increases with forest age, and so is the intensity of mast seeding.

Our recent paper on temporal trends in masting behavior of common European forest trees is out in Global Change Biology!

Using a long-term (54 years) data on seed production in seven dominant tree species in Poland, we investigated factors driving temporal trends of mast seeding. We found that fecundity increased over time in all species and this was mostly due to changes in stand age. Moreover, temporal variability of seed production also increased over time in all species except one. Our results suggest a pivotal role of demographic effects in driving the extent, variability and synchrony of reproduction in temperate forest trees.

You can read the paper here and on ResearchGate.


Białowieża Forest (Poland) – one of the last and largest remnants of the primeval forests in temperate Europe. © Jakub Szymkowiak


Field season 2019 is over!

Yet another wood warbler field season (7th in a row!) in the Wielkopolska National Park is over!

Despite lower abundance of wood warbler population at my study area due to mast seeding of oaks and hornbeam last year (intrigued what links seed production and wood warblers? Read here!), the field work went surprisingly smooth. Preliminary results of the experiments I’ve conducted this year are very promising and I can’t wait to dig into the data; stay tuned!


The wood warbler. © Jakub Szymkowiak